Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vizcaya Park Grand Opening: June 2, 2012

Well. That moment that has been in everyone's minds for a decade or more happened today! Vizcaya Park was opened this morning with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and a dedication by Mayor Lori Moseley.

My family and I walked over to the park about ten minutes early to find a decent-sized crowd. We wandered around the facilities to see exactly what was available, no more of that "outside-the-gate" photo dreaming. There were two major impressions that I was left with. 1. This park is way bigger than I had ever imagined. I probably mentioned that my kids and I used to fly kites there when it was nothing more than a rocky desert a few years ago, but it never appeared so large; and 2. The clubhouse was really beautiful and the designers, architects, builders and everyone that had any input into bringing this park to fruition really put an emphasis on making the park GREEN. It was so green that Kermit looked yellow!

So, let's start with the massive amounts of open fields. I know they will be allocated for soccer and baseball and football and a bunch of other things, but these fields were great. And they were all covered with that really nice "sports grass" and not that gangly stuff you have in your yards. More green? The clubhouse was built with 20% recycled materials and with techniques in water usage technology that will have the facility saving money in just a few short years. LEED Certified too.

Playgrounds? Yep, covered from the sun. Parking? Seemed decent. Game room? Yeah, my kids cried when I dragged them out of there. Pool, bumper pool, foosball, more. A computer facility. A banquet type area. Basketball courts. BBQ areas. And more. I know there are many classes and a summer camp planned as well. It's a very nice facility. Can't wait!

All of the Miramar Commissioners were there today in support of Mayor Moseley. And Vice Mayor Troy Samuels couldn't contain himself to say a few words after she was finished. He's been the biggest advocate for the park since forever. So he got to offer a few thank-yous and comments. There were some other big-wigs there too. If you've ever been to the court, you've heard of one of them. The Miramar Police had a Color Guard in dress uniform march in to deliver the Pledge of Allegiance. Ribbon Cutting ceremony was fun, with Mayor Moseley using giant "City of Miramar" etched scissors to officially open the park.

Being a resident of Vizcaya, I do have some concerns, mostly about the traffic that might come on Honey Hill Road because of the park. I would highly suggest that you drive 35 mph on that road if you will be visiting! Don't piss off the local residents. That's all I'll say about that.

The Sun Sentinel was there. While their journalist was taking pictures of cutie kids on the monkey bars and swing set, probably shooting for a Pulitzer, I was taking pictures of him. LOL. I imagine photos of journalists and photographers would be a really fun category to offer.

Oh, and one other thing you won't read about anywhere else. I bumped into the Mayor in the Publix check-out line a little while after the opening ceremony ended. How's that for coincidence? After letting her know I was at her speech earlier (she should have recognized the paparazzi), I congratulated her on the city's accomplishment and identified myself as a resident of Vizcaya since 2004. She let me know she's been here for around 30 years and that hopefully with all the changes over that time, we've let go of the bad, kept what is good, and moved forward to make Miramar an awesome place to live! You could tell she was proud of the park and city.

Me too! Miramar should be on your list if you're moving to South Florida!

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