Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vizcaya Park Update September 17, 2011

Where have I been? Don't you worry. I am still here. I checked in over at the park a few times since my post a month ago, but nothing seemed to have changed. Yesterday, however, I noticed a new area of the park under development. I guess the main building is mostly done for now (at least externally), but an area right next to it, to the south, has massive mounds of dirt and backhoes and tractor trailers there. Gate was open and workers were doing something.


Karen said...

Anything new since Sept?

Karen said...

new year, new park I hope...:)

Rob said...

Hey Karen.

Yeah, sorry. I have taken pictures since, but I got lazy and the pictures seemed too much the same as these.

But I haven't been over there probably since the end of October, which is silly since I an practically throw a rock there. I'll try to take a few more pictures today.

I do know that I've seen dozens of dump trucks and work vehicles head to the park in the past few months so something is getting done.

Stay tuned.


sermie11 said...

Do you know if the city is planning on connecting Honey Hill to Bass Creek Road? That would be great to get to the schools faster, and that would definitely bring more visitors to our new park!

Thanks for the great pics.

Vizcaya Resident

Rob said...

Hi Jamie.

When I moved to Vizcaya in 2004, connecting Honey Hill over the Turnpike was DEFINITELY in the road planning. But that site, they abandoned. I actually own that domain now but have nothing there but a few silly pics.

Honestly, though, as much of a pain as it is to drive all the way to Flamingo and go around everything to get to Publix, the baseball fields at Silver Lakes, my church at Everglades HS, etc, I really don't want that road to go through.

Think about the mega traffic that would occur. They'd need to at least double the road width, two lanes each way. And instead of a cozy quiet community, now we have a busy highway past our homes.

I don't want that road, despite how convenient it would be for many things. I am a Little League baseball coach and do the drive all the way west 5 days per week.

Thanks for reading and I'll take a few more pictures soon, though since you're a local, you can walk over to see for yourself.