Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vizcaya Park Update June 21, 2011

Stopped by the Vizcaya Park construction site this morning around 7:30 and it was already hopping. Well, at least there was more activity than I have seen before. The beeping of heavy machinery backing up and the roar of a bulldozer's engine did fill the air though.

It appeared to me that the main building that they started building made some additional progress. It's hard to tell but there may be more than one building there. In addition, the bulldozer I mentioned was pushing dirt around on a separate part of the field, so maybe they are starting to work on other areas as well.

Far away shot

Building progress

There's the bulldozer I mentioned.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vizcaya Park Update June 10, 2011

Yeah, I know. Two days in a row. Since Broward schools closed yesterday, I'll be working from home a bit more often. I took my kids to McDonald's around noon and on the way down Honey Hill Road, a large flatbed truck passed me, carrying a steamroller into the park. So basically something is getting flattened. On the way home, this dump truck passed me going the other direction out of the park. Not sure if it delivered something or was removing something, but it wasn't a social call, I'd assume.

As for the picture, it's the best you get while driving at 45 mph 35 mph.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vizcaya Park Update June 9, 2011

Just a few quick pictures. I was by the park around 8am this morning and there were already half a dozen cars there and some guys working. It looks like the building is making some progress. I'm not sure what those wood panels are, but they are new too.

And so you can see just how far from the park entrance that building is. There's a backhoe too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vizcaya Park Update June 4, 2011

I was on the way home from Publix and my squinty eyes noticed that the chain-link fence half a mile away was open in front of the park. So I decided to take a few quick pictures. There is definite progress as the building they are erecting is substantially taller than last time I stopped by. There were also a handful of workers over in the construction area. It's tough to know exactly what's going on as they were on the far side of the park, and you remember those trespassing and felony warnings right? Here you go.